John J. Duval Sr.

4 creek lane
Manchester, Me 04351

Work: 917-734-0078
Cell: 917-734-0078

ANNUITIES. LIFE INSURANCE. SUITABILITY. BRANCH SUPERVISION. Retired from Merrill Lynch. John’s regulatory work has included contract work for the Enforcement Division of the SEC in New York City, first as an Investigative Consultant and then as a testifying expert against a broker/dealer involving variable annuities. in addition, he has been retained by the AAG, State of Maryland, Department of Securities.

John was hand-picked by FINRA to sit on a panel in which the damage claim was in excess of $400 million.  The ultimate award was the second highest ever in securities arbitration history.

As of October, 2015, John has been retained in over 300 cases and testified more than 75 times including FINRA, JAMS, federal, state, city courts throughout the US.

John prefers to invoice for his work on a flat-fee basis that includes all expenses.

John’s 33-year career in the financial services industry includes approximately six years of management at the branch level and the district level. At the branch level, he was the OSJ responsible for ALL compliance and supervisory issues. He has reviewed over 1,000 daily runs and has completed hundreds of hours of management training at Merrill Lynch. At the District level, in New York City, John managed over 40 ‘Specialists’ who served 700+ brokers and their clients in specific areas as trust, financial planning, insurance, mutual funds, managed money, mortgages, business loans, high net worth, structured products, and risk management. In these areas, John was also responsible for compliance, suitability, and supervision along with the respective branch managers in the District. In addition, he was the District Annuity Specialist.

John’s retail experience as a broker was primarily in a retirement community where his partnership’s ‘book’ was over $250,000,000 consisting of around 1,100 clients. He has never had a complaint and his U-4 and U-5 are pristine. He believes he has had no complaints because he understands asset allocation and practiced it.

Since his second retirement from Merrill Lynch in 2001, John has been retained in over 300 cases and testified about 75 times. He has completed NASD mediation training as well as 32 hours of mediation training at the Cardozo School of Law.” In addition, he regularly attends his client’s mediation where he offers expertise in case analysis and settlement negotiations. Being an active arbitrator gives him substantial insight into case possibilities.

In addition to providing consulting and expert testimony for securities arbitration cases, John formerly co-managed a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm offering portfolio management and financial planning.