2024 Annual Membership
Meeting & Conference

Program / Agenda

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Friday — July 26, 2024
Time (Eastern) Description
 9:00 - 11:00
Ballroom Pre-Function
New Member/First Time Attendee Breakfast & Discussion
New members and first-time attendees are invited to join Board members for a casual meet and greet breakfast to learn more about SER and how to maximize the benefits and resources of membership. (RSVPs required.)
Sponsored by: Falk Financial Analysis 
 9:00 - Noon
Registration Hours 
Members sign in and pick up their badges and welcome packets.
Noon - 1:00
Ballroom Pre-Function
Buffet Lunch 
Members and registered guests.
Coffee Sponsored by: Robert Graham, REG Consulting LLC
  1:00 - 1:45
Paris Ballroom
Annual Membership Meeting, Bob GrahamPresident 
Welcoming Remarks; Introduction of New Members; Officers' reports, Election of President-Elect and Directors; SER Resources Review; Passing of the gavel to Incoming President, Elizabeth Falk.
  1:45 - 2:30
Paris Ballroom
FINRA Dispute Resolution Update 
Richard W. Berry, Esq.Executive Vice President and Director of FINRA Dispute Resolution Services (FDRS)  A yearly tradition, where Rick updates members on trends in FINRA arbitration, new procedures, types of cases filed, award results. This year Rick will be joined by a colleague, Victoria Crane, Esq., VP and Associate General Counsel.  
  2:30 - 2:45 Coffee Break
Sponsored by: Stu Rosenthal, Evidence Replay
2:45 - 3:30
American Arbitration Association (AAA) for the Expert Witness 
Incoming SER President Elizabeth Falk moderates a panel that includes Jennifer RegoAAA's Director of ADR Services for the NE Region, and Jeffrey T. Zaino, Esq., Vice President-Commerical Division. Given AAA's exponential increase in securities cases, primarily within the RIA arena, this panel will discuss the rules and conventions impacting expert witness practice within both divisions (Consumer and Commercial) of the forum and whether AAA plans to provide niche-specific statistics equivalent to those available in the FINRA forum.
  3:30 - 4:15
Paris Ballroom
Enhance your testimony game with an insightful session on the Expert Mindset. Panelists will share their experiences and tips on how to stay present during deposition and testimony, handle opposing counsel attacking your credibility/opinion, and maintain a calm tone and demeanor.
Colleen Diles, member/Diles Consulting.
Jenice L. Malecki, Esq., Malecki Law, New York City; 
Gordon Yale, member/Yale Forensics
  4:15 - 4:30 Break
  4:30 - 5:15
Paris Ballroom
A MASTERCLASS ON DEMONSTRATIVES: Simplifying Complexity. Experts create transparency from complex factual details and the sequence of events in dispute resolution matters. The proper use of demonstratives can be key in successfully communicating the key influences on the outcome and serve to assist in reaching a just decision by the Trier of Fact or engaging attorney. The Panel requests active participation by attendees in the discussion of the efficacy of techniques and tools available to Experts drawing on your experiences in academia, business, consulting and dispute resolution forums.

Paul Carrollmember/Sententia LLC
Robert N. Jonesmember/Securities Claims Management, LLC
Keith Lovelandmember/Loveland Consulting
David F. MacNairmember/MacNair Consulting LLC 

  6:15 - 7:00
Opaline Brasserie
Cocktail Reception 
Members and registered guests. Dress code: dress or pant suits for ladies/coats for men.
An opportunity to network, form new friendships and renew/burnish existing ones.
Appetizers Sponsored by: Diles Consulting
Cocktails Sponsored by: Charles W. Ranson Consulting Group
  7:00 - 9:30
Opaline Brasserie
Annual Member/Guest Dinner 
Members and registered guests, invited attorneys. Dress code: dress or pant suits for ladies/coats for men.

Keynote speaker: Tom Hardin, Ex-FBI informant (Tipper X from "Operation Perfect Hedge") turned impactful corporate trainer and keynote speaker, Mr. Hardin advocates for ethical, accountable organizational culture.
After Dinner Events: Guided Walk or Inside Trivia!
Saturday — July 27, 2024
Time (Eastern) Description
   8:00- 9:00
Ballroom Pre-Function
Buffet Breakfast 
Members and registered guests.
Coffee Sponsored by: Falk Financial Analysis
   9:00- 10:00
Ballroom Pre-Function
Experts Roundtable
Incoming President, Elizabeth Falk,
hosts this informal but candid "give and take" session, a Roundtable tradition for over 30 years! 
  10:00-10:20 Break
Paris Ballroom
A MASTERCLASS ON CONSULTING ENGAGEMENTS: A round table discussion follow-up to the Expert Testimony webinar. With the dispute resolution landscape changing, the declining number of FINRA cases that go to a hearing, a shift to alternative forums & court venues, we want to engage attendees in a discussion on potential techniques in building a practice by utilizing other experience such as consulting and mediation assistance as an entree to new clients rather than relying solely on testimony experience. All dispute resolution forums rely on Experts to utilize their combined analytical and communication skills to organize the comprehensive case facts into a simplified and cohesive narrative which the Trier of Fact can reply on in reaching a decision.

Jerry DeNigris, member/Riverside Financial 
Paul Carroll, member/Sententia LLC
Ross Tulman, member/TIA Group
11:10-11:30 Coffee Break 
Sponsored by: 

Paris Ballroom


A MASTERCLASS ON REPORT WRITING: "The Three R's of Expert Report Writing: To Read, to Reason, to Recite"  Expert witness disclosures in federal courts are governed by Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The panel will address the preparation of expert reports, the documents that should be considered, limitations placed on opinions, how to support your opinions, and how to avoid Daubert challenges that could potentially limit the scope of opinions or testimony, and even exclude the expert’s views entirely. The panel invites members to prepare questions for presenters which members may submit prior to or during the session.

Robert W Lowry, member/RL Consulting Services 
John Ivan, member/Oyster Consulting, LLC
Ross S. Delston, member/Law Office of Ross Delston

12:20- 1:20
Ballroom Pre-Function
Buffet Lunch 
Registered members only.
Coffee Sponsored by: Alan Besnoff, Securities Expert Witness & Litigation Support
  1:20- 2:10
Paris Ballroom

A MASTERCLASS ON DEPOSITIONS: "Depositions Are Dangerous - To Expert Witnesses" Even experts with substantial arbitration hearings experience (including cross examination) make a mistake to look at being deposed as “just like hearing testimony.” Trial or hearing testimony takes place on a level playing field – fair to both plaintiff and defendant (and their experts). Deposition testimony is the “home field” of opposing counsel, and very little about this “home field” is “fair” to the deponent or the party on whose behalf they were engaged.

Richard Leisner, Esq., member/Trenam Law 
Peter C. Buckley, Esq./Partner at Fox Rothschild. Philadelphia
Lucian T. Pera, Esq./Partner at Adams and Reese LLP, Memphis

  2:10- 2:30 Coffee Break
Sponsored by:
  2:30- 3:20
Paris Ballroom

A MASTERCLASS ON TESTIMONY: The road to credibility – testifying skills required to succeed in different forums. The next generation of cases will drift away from FINRA. Prepare to appear in different forums including AAA consumer and commercial, JAMs, and State and Federal Court. 

Ross Tulman, member/TIA Group 
David Hinman, member/Hinman Capital Services LLC
Christine Lazaro, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Clinical Legal Education, Director, Securities Arbitration Clinic at St. John's University School of Law.

  3:20- 3:40 Break
  3:40- 4:30
Paris Ballroom

This panel of experienced experts will share their tactics for handling issues such as: hypothetical questions, "you would agree with me…", attempts to push expert out of their scope, questions asking for your best guess, aggressive styles, aggressive or annoying gestures, etc.
Alan J. Besnoff, member/Securities Expert Witness & Litigation Support,LLC 
Hollie M. Mason, member/Kroll
Charles W. Ranson, member/Charles W. Ranson Consulting Group, LLC
  5:30- 9:30
Post-Conference Dinner, Army Navy Country Club
Wrap up your conference experience with dinner at the prestigious Army Navy Country Club in Arlington. Nestled within the privacy of more than 500 scenic acres less than five miles from downtown D.C., Army Navy Country Club combines the Club’s historic grandeur and traditional elegance with its welcoming warmth and modern amenities.

Keynote speaker: Adam H. Nebenzahl, Submarine Warfare Officer, United States Navy.
Appetizers Sponsored by: Sentenia, LLC



~Agenda and times subject to change and will be updated as information is provided.~