Alan Harry  

Managing Partner, AH Franklin LLC
14 Buttonwood Lane
Rumson, NJ 07760

Work: 732-859-1871
Cell: 732-859-1871

WTI, Crude OIL, Brent, and derivatives
Natural Gas, Henery Hub, Hubs throughout the US, and derivatives.
Gold, Silver, Copper, and derivatives.
Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, and derivatives.
Single stocks and derivatives.
ETFs, Bonds, SPY, E-Minis, futures, and options.
OTC options.
Cash settled commodities.
Futures spreads.
FX trading, currencies, and derivatives.
Math models and algorithms.
Vix, volatility trading, and derivatives.
Agriculture commodities, Corn, Soybeans, Grains, Meats, and Lumber.
TAS trading, settlement trading, and order imbalance trading.
Market manipulation detection expert.
Average price trading.

Alan Harry began his career working with Cooper and Neff to complete one of the first solvable solutions for pricing derivatives in the financial markets. After graduating from Rutgers, he began his trading career on COMEX becoming one of the largest gold derivatives traders in the market.
In 1989 he bought out ZAHR trading and transformed the company into one of the largest trading firms on the New York commodity floors trading across all commodities, eventually becoming one of the largest market makers on the NYMEX.
In 1998 he founded ZAHR Securities employing 112 traders. This included developing a Broker-Dealer for the group up.
Founded in 2001, Harry Capital LLC was started with $250,000 of his own money. Over the next 11 years, he achieved a cumulative growth through trading making over $25,000,000 net of expenses. Over those 11 years, he began to use the flow of trading along with fundamental and technical data to put on structured plays and within three years was able to turn $200,000 into $4,000,000.
Spartan Commodity Fund was launched in January of 2012 after raising over 7 million dollars for the initial seed capital requirements. The fund focused on the trading of Natural Gas and Crude Oil derivatives and futures.
In 2015 a Partnership was formed with Roy Neff from Cooper and Neff to explore opportunities in the energy markets and has already produced returns over 25%.
In 2018 he formed AH Franklin LLC to trade single stocks, options, futures, ETFs, and closed-end funds.
He can be seen on Fox Business News, while also appearing on spots for CNBC, CBS, FNN, BNN, SKY TV, giving guidance and market commentary for the energy markets.
He also has a passion for Real Estate investing over 30 years in properties nationwide.

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