Robert W. Doty, Esq.

President and Proprietor, AGFS
988 Placid Court
Arnold, MD 21012

Work: 916-761-3432
Cell: 916 761 3432

Municipal securities; municipal advisors; fiduciary duty; municipal bonds; public finance; types of municipal securities issues; risks; federal and state securities laws and common law; due diligence; disclosure; agency; underwriters; issuers; bond counsel; issuer counsel; underwriter counsel; trustees; private borrowers and obligors; conduit bonds; roles and responsibilities of parties; municipal securities regulation

Robert Doty has provided municipal securities litigation consulting and municipal bond expert witness services to lawyers for more than 30 years. Mr. Doty is well-qualified to assist counsel, who may not always be intimately familiar with key nuances of fiduciary duty and agency principles, in understanding the roles and responsibilities of financial advisors and other municipal advisors. As a municipal advisor expert witness and litigation consultant, Mr. Doty is familiar with the Dodd-Frank Act, MSRB rules and key market resources that provide substantial guidance to counsel in this complex area. Mr. Doty has consulted in approximately 160 cases in almost three dozen states with counsel to underwriters, investors, issuers, legal counsel, municipal advisors, enforcement agencies and others. He has testified in depositions and at trial approximately 80 times in disputes related to disclosure, due diligence, fiduciary duty and roles and responsibilities of parties. Mr. Doty has testified as an expert on the finance industry in federal courts in Illinois, Kentucky and Iowa, and in state courts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey and Virginia; and before Administrative Law Judges of the Securities and Exchange Commission; arbitration panels of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the American Arbitration Association; and by video, a special legislative investigative subcommittee of the New Mexico House of Representatives in an impeachment proceeding. Mr. Doty served in the corporate securities and municipal bond markets over a 45-year career as a securities lawyer, bond and underwriter counsel, investment banker and financial advisor to issuers. Mr. Doty also has served as a drafter, working with national industry committees, of recognized industry guidance published by national and regional organizations. He has written over 80 articles and several books on municipal finance, including Bloomberg Visual Guide.

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