Frederick Rosenberg JD

Principal, Personal Wealth Analytics
27 Village Green Ct
South Orange, NJ 07079

Work: 973-761-8866
Cell: 973-761-8866

Annuities, Options,Oil and Gas, REITs and TICs, Retirement, Private Placements and Reg D, Due Diligence, Supervision,Credit and Banking, Income sustainability, Reasonable Basis Suitability and Underwriting, and Damages

Over the past 40 years, I have practiced Law, have been a Series 24 principal and Series 4 Registered Options Principal/owner of an independent broker-dealer, have drilled for oil and gas, have served as a VP- "Examiner-in-Charge" of trust and brokerage departments, as VP-Real Estate Asset Recovery and as a VP-Private Equity analyst for a national bank. I have been retained as a forensic expert in securities claims over 250 times.

In recent years my experience has been centered on retirement and income disputes, options related claims, private placements, and annuities. I have published several articles in bar journals on Damages, Options, TICs,and Annuities, and have presented CLE courses and breakout topics at professional meetings on damages, annuities, oil and gas, and TICs. My principal research of late has been on the sustainability of retirement income as a cause of action and the damages unique to income investors.

My opinions and evaluations are data driven. I utilize a proprietary Access Database to analyze transactions, which permits my slicing and dicing of complex accounts, particularly with options and churning cases, multiple account claims, and trading accounts with thousands of transactions over several years. The Database provides unparalleled detailed reporting based on a flat file of variables that assures consistency.

I retired my bar license in 2010 and have continued as a forensic expert for attorneys in investor and securities litigation.

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