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Annual Snapshot of U.S. Capital Markets in One-Page Chart -- Just In: 2018 Results
July 8, 2019

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT - SER Member and bond expert Gerry Guild uses statistics extensively in his work and has prepared a U.S. Capital Markets Chart that captures at a glance the gross numbers on the national and corporate DEBT that keeps this nation's economy chugging along -- and that also has to be serviced. Recently, Gerry contributed his 2018 snapshot of the various markets to the SER Library. The Chart displays three interrelated, intertwined debt components: (1) Outstanding Market or Principal Value; (2) Issuance: primary market, the creation of capital; and (3) Daily Trading Volume: secondary market, liquidity, the greatest risk of any investment (i.e., will you be able to sell your security at a reasonable market price when you want to?). To complete the capital picture, Gerry also provides gross figures for the nation's EQUITIES markets (common & preferred stock). The SER Library represents a member benefit -- it's reserved for members only and relies upon member contributions of articles, statistical works, and periodicals. SER thanks to Gerry Guild for this contribution. (You must login to access the Library.)


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