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SER Releases 2nd Issue of The Expert's Examiner
August 15, 2019

The 2nd issue of Securities Experts Roundtable's newsletter, The Expert's Examiner, was released yesterday. In its current form, the newsletter is a one year pilot program initiated by the SER PR Committee, SER Website Committee, and the SER Board of Directors in partnership with Richard P. Ryder of the Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. The publication seeks to keep both SER members and their clients and colleagues up to date on current issues impacting our industry. Elizabeth Falk, SER's President-Elect and a member of the PR Committee, recently posted "I am so proud of this quality publication and of the fabulous organization behind it. If The Expert's Examiner develops a significant readership then the SER Board is likely to extend publication beyond the current pilot period.We encourage members to pass along the publication to their peers and clients who can also subscribe clicking the "Join Email List" button at the top or "Subscribe to Our Quarterly Newsletter" at the bottom.


SER Members serve parties engaged in securities disputes. SER is a party-neutral organization. Items published in this Newsroom that express an opinion or a party bias are not reflective of SER's policy positions or its views as an organization. Items published in the Newsroom on this Website may also be published on SER's LinkedIn Page.

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