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SER Member Moves to Editorial Helm at Securities Arbitration Commentator
September 16, 2019

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT - George H. Friedman of George H. Friedman Consulting LLC has worn many hats in his extensive career in the field of dispute resolution. His firm's Website features him, first, as Dispute Resolution Expert, then as Arbitrator, Mediator, ADR Executive, Fordham Law Professor and Author. In July 2019, legal publisher Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. (SAC) announced that Mr. Friedman would officially assume the post of Editor-in-Chief of SAC's weekly email service, the Securities Arbitration Alert (aka SAA or Arb Alert). He will maintain his existing affiliations (including being an SER Member) and pursuits, but will hereafter apply his wide-ranging knowledge of dispute resolution to maintaining SAC's Arb Alert as an indispensable information source for securities arbitration practitioners. At the same time -- and over time -- we can expect to see George advancing the SAA's scope of coverage and deepening its descriptive detail.


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