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SER Members George Friedman and Rick Ryder Jointly Author Blog Post
March 9, 2020

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT - “WHAT’S PAST IS PROLOGUE” – ALL OVER AGAIN. WHAT’S AHEAD FOR ARBITRATION FILINGS IN THE WAKE OF THE MARKET’S RECENT VOLATILITY. The crashing and recovering capital markets in the wake of the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak caused the SER’s George H. Friedman and Rick Ryder to reflect on what this might mean for FINRA’s arbitration caseload. It wasn’t that hard; dusting off and updating a 2015 blog post was all that was needed. Their new blog post focuses on recent capital market gyrations and volatility, and what these events mean for securities arbitration case filings and the participants. Readers are encouraged to visit our blog, but we share here the key points: Arbitration Filings Run Countercyclical to Market Performance. People Don’t Fight So Much When Times are Good. More Arbitration Filings Ahead? What Kinds of Cases? Frauds and Scams. Time for Another Look at Online ADR?


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