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SER Thanks Directors Retiring from the Board
July 22, 2022

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT - SER honored three Directors retiring from the Board, Elizabeth Falk of Falk Financial Analysis, Jack Herrmann of Herrmann Dispute Resolution, and David Keogh of DJK Consulting. All three Directors have served multiple years in various positions. Ms. Falk has served a total of seven years and is the former President from 2020-2021. She led SER through the midst of the pandemic and was instrumental in spearheading the development of the webcast program. Other roles included Membership Chair, Webcast Chair, Treasurer/Fin Com Chair as well as serving on various committees. Mr. Herrmann has served three terms for a total of nine years. He is the former Treasurer and Fin Com Chair and served several years as Membership Chair, as well as a member of the Nominating and Mentorship committees. Mr. Keogh has served nine consecutive years, being elected President-Elect at the end of his second term. He is the former President from 2019-2020, guiding SER through the initial stages of the Covid crisis. He has served as Conference Chair and Nominating Chair, as well as on the Membership and Finance committees. SER is grateful for the enthusiasm and dedication of these three directors!


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