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David Hinman Addresses the June Russian Default in an Article for SER
August 1, 2022

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT - SER member David Hinman has authored an article on the June Russian Default for SER members titled "The Russian Default: Considerations, Issues and Questions." The paper discusses the background of Russia's June 27th "technical default" on two English Law Bonds,  their debt and payment history and current investor perceptions. He elaborates on his expectation of a atypical workout and recovery process, and potential implications for Russian Credit Default Swaps (CDS). Mr. Hinman has worked on numerous corporate and sovereign defaults and restructurings during his asset management career. He presently consults with debtors and investors on bond restructuring and trading matters. He is also an expert witness on security litigation matters in the areas of bond and CDS management and trading practices; offering document representations and risk disclosures; and investor materiality and reliance considerations. The article will be housed in SER's Library and can also be accessed here


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