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George Friedman Covers Rick Ryder's Critique of SIEPR Research Paper
May 5, 2023

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT - SER member George Friedman, Editor in Chief of the Securities Arbitration Alert (SAA), reported in the March 23rd issue, on a newly-released research paper, Tipping the Scales: Balancing Consumer Arbitration Cases, by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (“SIEPR”). The paper recommends that list selection be eliminated in arbitration as consumer-unfriendly. According to the SIEPR Study, “Industry-friendly arbitrators are 50 percent more likely to be chosen from the arbitrator pool than their consumer-friendly counterparts because securities firms are sophisticated at eliminating consumer-friendly arbitrators.” Recently, the SAA blog published a featured article by SER member Rick Ryder, with his "critique of this statistical work." Rick has deep knowledge of the history of the arbitrator selection process, being the Founder and President of the Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. (SAC), and owns ARBchek, an online facility for searching Arbitrators' Award histories. You can read his thoughtful analysis and conclusions on SAA's blog here.


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