Audit Hugh Cohen (Chair)
Benefits Gerald A. Guild (Chair)

Mission: To maintain liability insurance for the organization and it's officers and directors. To examine and offer to members benefits in the areas of insurance, including liability, medical and life insurance, travel, purchasing, credit, etc.

Communications/ Web Site Richard P. Ryder (Chair)
Elizabeth Falk
Geraldine Genco Dube
Charles W. Ranson

Mission: To implement a means of enhancing communication among members, as well as outside the group. This includes maintaining the SER Website, and may include publishing newsletters, or establishing other means of communication. Official materials published or distributed to members via the Website are approved in advance by the Board, and/or President and President-Elect.

Conference (Agenda) Gordon Yale (Chair)
Education Gerald A. Guild (Chair)
Finance Elizabeth Falk (Chair)
Patricia Koetting
Craig Murray
Jeffery E. Schaff
Ross Tulman
Gordon Yale

Mission: To develop SER annual budgets; oversee and implement the raising and investment of funds to finance the organization and activities for the benefit of its participants; implement and oversee expenditures; maintain financial controls.

Legal Clinics Richard Leisner (Chair)
Marketing Gerald A. Guild (Chair)
Paul Carroll
Elizabeth Falk
John T. Foster
Stanley Meyerson

Mission: Generate greater awareness of SER, the organization; attract new members; and develop business for our members.

Membership Craig Murray (Chair)
Rick Chess
Elizabeth Falk
David James Keogh
Nominating David James Keogh (Chair)
Elizabeth Falk
Bob Lawson, AIF®, CFE®, RFC®, LUTCF®

Mission: To identify and recruit qualified and interested members to serve as officers and directors of SER.

Strategic Planning Jeffery E. Schaff (Chair)
Ross Tulman
Gordon Yale