Our Upcoming Events

1:00 PM
2:00 PM
When & Why Does the Trier of Fact Hit the Off Switch? (1:00pm eastern)
Will your testifying skills establish that you are a credible expert? Will arbitration panels, juries and judges consistently rely on your opinions? What are the differences when testifying in Court compared to Arbitration? Your performance in just a single case can change everything.

Please join us for an interactive discussion on best practices while under oath. SER member and Past President Ross Tulman, and longtime members Jerry DeNigris and Jack Herrmann, share their extensive experience of lessons learned on the stand.

12:00 PM
2024 Annual Member Meeting & Conference
Washington, DC 
The 2024 Annual Member Meeting & Conference will be held at the SOFITEL HOTEL LAFAYETTE SQUARE in WASHINGTON D.C. The event will kickoff with lunch on Friday. The Annual Member Meeting will begin at 1:00pm immediately followed by the first general conference session. Highlights include a New Member breakfast on Friday morning, the Annual Member Dinner on Friday night and Saturday dinner at the prestigious Army-Navy Country Club. (Much appreciation to member Bruce Foerster for making the necessary introduction!)

Mark your calendar! Registration will open in April.