Richard P. Ryder

President, Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc.
P.O. Box 112
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Work: 973 761-5880
Cell: 201-259-5119

arbitration law, FAA, Federal Arbitration Act, FINRA securities arbitration procedures, Securities Arbitration Award statistics, trends and quantitative analyses, arbitrator selection procedures.

SAC: SAC publishes two newsletters that cover arbitration (SAC) and broker-dealer litigation (SLC). For checking arbitrators (ARBchek) and conducting Award research (SAC's Award Database), SAC maintains a field-based database that summarizes and contains (SAC's Awards Library) approximately 50,000 Awards. SAC also e-mails a weekly (free) UPDATE: ARBchek report, summarizing the latest available Awards. RPR: Graduate, NYU Law School. NASD (NY Dist. Ofc., as District Counsel; Arbitration Dept., as Director of Arbitration), 1973-1978; Harbinger Properties, 1980-1982 (as Counsel); PaineWebber, Inc., (as Associate General Counsel), 1982-1988; Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. (as President, Founder), 1988-present.