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The 3rd Quarter Issue of The Expert's Examiner is Released
October 11, 2019

The third issue of SER's newsletter, The Expert's Examiner, has been published. The current issue has some changes to editors, with the following members currently serving as contributors: RECENT NEWS FROM THE ARBITRATION FRONT by George H. Friedman; EXPERT OPINIONS: WHAT ARE THE COURTS THINKING? by Richard P. Ryder; SER ACTIVITIES-WHAT'S CIRCLING AT THE ROUNDTABLE? by Elizabeth Falk; HEARD THROUGH THE REGULATORY GRAPEVINE by Carrie Wisniewski; MEMBER ACHIEVEMENTS-BRINGING CREDIT TO THE PROFESSION by Geraldine GG Genco; COMMENT LETTERS, SPEECHES & TESTIMONY by Jerry DeNigris; and STATISTICS, EVENTS & RESOURCES by Patti Koetting. Thus far, all three issues have enjoyed an average "open rate" of 81.5% and a "click rate" of 49.36%, far exceeding average rates of 14.79% and 6.99% for all industries and 16.78% and 5.32% for legal services according to data gathered by Constant Contacts last quarter covering 200 million emails sent. Non SER members may also subscribe to the quarterly issue by clicking the "Join Email" button in the upper righthand corner,or the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the newsletter. Past issues can be found on SER's homepage.


SER Members serve parties engaged in securities disputes. SER is a party-neutral organization. Items published in this Newsroom that express an opinion or a party bias are not reflective of SER's policy positions or its views as an organization. Items published in the Newsroom on this Website may also be published on SER's LinkedIn Page.

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