SER Member Launches New Compliance Service for Independent BDs and RIAs
September 17, 2019

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT - Sander Ressler and his new compliance outsourcing service, Essential Edge, were recently featured in Financial Advisor Magazine in a story titled, "For a Flat Fee, This Florida Firm will Inspect Broker-Dealer Branch Offices." The article goes on to explain the demand that exists among independent BDs and RIAs, who have "far-flung branch offices" under OSJ supervision, in staying current with and assuring compliance with the ever-changing regulatory environment. Enter Essential Edge Compliance Outsourcing Services, LLC, SER Member Ressler's new company, launched with partner Beth C. Barak, who herself is an expert in client relationship management, project management, program start-ups and communications. According to the FAM article, "Essential Edge offers a solution to [potential supervisory] conflict[s] of interest, offering compliance experts for hire with a flat fee to cover each step of the branch inspection process."

SER Member Moves to Editorial Helm at Securities Arbitration Commentator
September 16, 2019

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT - George H. Friedman of George H. Friedman Consulting LLC has worn many hats in his extensive career in the field of dispute resolution. His firm's Website features him, first, as Dispute Resolution Expert, then as Arbitrator, Mediator, ADR Executive, Fordham Law Professor and Author. In July 2019, legal publisher Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. (SAC) announced that Mr. Friedman would officially assume the post of Editor-in-Chief of SAC's weekly email service, the Securities Arbitration Alert (aka SAA or Arb Alert). He will maintain his existing affiliations (including being an SER Member) and pursuits, but will hereafter apply his wide-ranging knowledge of dispute resolution to maintaining SAC's Arb Alert as an indispensable information source for securities arbitration practitioners. At the same time -- and over time -- we can expect to see George advancing the SAA's scope of coverage and deepening its descriptive detail.

SER Releases 2nd Issue of The Expert's Examiner
August 15, 2019

The 2nd issue of Securities Experts Roundtable's newsletter, The Expert's Examiner, was released yesterday. In its current form, the newsletter is a one year pilot program initiated by the SER PR Committee, SER Website Committee, and the SER Board of Directors in partnership with Richard P. Ryder of the Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. The publication seeks to keep both SER members and their clients and colleagues up to date on current issues impacting our industry. Elizabeth Falk, SER's President-Elect and a member of the PR Committee, recently posted "I am so proud of this quality publication and of the fabulous organization behind it. If The Expert's Examiner develops a significant readership then the SER Board is likely to extend publication beyond the current pilot period.We encourage members to pass along the publication to their peers and clients who can also subscribe clicking the "Join Email List" button at the top or "Subscribe to Our Quarterly Newsletter" at the bottom.

Annual Snapshot of U.S. Capital Markets in One-Page Chart -- Just In: 2018 Results
July 8, 2019

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT - SER Member and bond expert Gerry Guild uses statistics extensively in his work and has prepared a U.S. Capital Markets Chart that captures at a glance the gross numbers on the national and corporate DEBT that keeps this nation's economy chugging along -- and that also has to be serviced. Recently, Gerry contributed his 2018 snapshot of the various markets to the SER Library. The Chart displays three interrelated, intertwined debt components: (1) Outstanding Market or Principal Value; (2) Issuance: primary market, the creation of capital; and (3) Daily Trading Volume: secondary market, liquidity, the greatest risk of any investment (i.e., will you be able to sell your security at a reasonable market price when you want to?). To complete the capital picture, Gerry also provides gross figures for the nation's EQUITIES markets (common & preferred stock). The SER Library represents a member benefit -- it's reserved for members only and relies upon member contributions of articles, statistical works, and periodicals. SER thanks to Gerry Guild for this contribution. (You must login to access the Library.)

Your Expert Witness May Not Be an Expert - At Being an Expert Witness
June 26, 2019

MEMBER HIGHLIGHT -  Member and former SER President Richard Leisner authored a recent article titled "Your Expert Witness May Not Be an Expert – At Being an Expert Witness" emphasizing the dangers of an expert writing a report that does not comply with the specific requirements of federal rules of procedure. In the case highlighted, the court excluded the expert report under Rule 37 for failure to comply with Rule 26 and granted the defense's motion for summary judgment. A practicing lawyer at Trenam Law in Tampa Florida, Richie has written "more than 40 expert reports, mostly for cases in Federal Court." He will be a panelist at this year's conference in Saint Paul on the Writing an Expert Report & Testifying Differences: Arbitration, Deposition, and Court session.

2019 National Compliance Outreach Program for Broker-Dealers
June 25, 2019

OUTSIDE NEWS - The 2019 National Compliance Outreach Program for Broker-Dealers will take place June 27th at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago from 9am-4pm (central time). Sponsored by the SEC's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE), in coordination with the SEC's Division of Trading and Markets and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), it is a free conference that can be attended in person or via live broadcast. "The program provides an open forum for regulators and industry professionals to share strong compliance practices and promote the exchange of ideas to develop an effective compliance structure. Registration is required.


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